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On land...

Your fellow passengers will number about 25 to 40 and your motor coach will be comfortable, air-conditioned and heated. Motor coach tours stop at least every two hours and there is an “emergency” restroom onboard.

Your tour guide takes care of virtually all details, usually including baggage handling. Admissions to attractions are generally included and you seldom will wait in the public lines. Hotels range from 3-5 stars (sometimes all in one tour) and are generally in convenient locations.

A number of meals are included (usually all or most breakfasts, a few lunches and several dinners). On nights when dinner is not offered, you will find a variety of dining options and budget ranges within walking distance or at your hotel.

Tour directors rotate guests each day so everyone gets to ride up front or have the “best” view along the way. The small number of guests on a motor coach allows you to make new friends easily and on YMCA Alumni tours, we blend in well with all fellow passengers.

On the river and at sea...

A river or ocean cruise allows you to unpack just once, sleep in the same bed each night, and enjoy dining aboard your ship in a variety of different restaurants. Ocean cruise ships carry from just under 1,000 to several thousand passengers, while river boats carry a few hundred. But ships vary in size and number of decks, so it won’t feel over-crowded even on the biggest cruise liners.

Cabin (staterooms) choices are based on your budget and desires (from interior cabins at a lower price, to cabins with balconies to larger, more luxurious suites).

Choose from a number of shore excursions for all activity levels, some included in the cruise price; others to more specific points of interest vary in cost.

River cruises dock right in town so it's generally fast and easy to walk in for shopping, dining or nightlife. Ocean cruises dock at the closest port, sometimes relatively close and other times a good distance away though transportation is readily available.

It's difficult to compare prices between cruises as it will depend on your desires in terms of accommodations, excursions and more. In most cases, the old saying applies: "You will get what you pay for."

Activity Levels

Our adventures have varying activity levels, often on the same trip or cruise. You can be as active as you wish. It's up to you.


Standing and walking for extended periods of time during museum visits or city tours. Shorter travel days. Walking typically on flat terrain; stairways sometimes without handrails; elevators sometimes available. Appropriate for travelers in generally good health with overall good mobility, and who are comfortable participating in at least three hours of activity per day.


Standing and walking for long periods of time during city tours, museum visits, and/or outdoor activities. Walking over sometimes uneven terrain (e.g., cobblestones, city hills, etc.); some longer walks to get to city centers where coaches are prohibited. Appropriate for travelers who are generally physically fit and comfortable with longer days of touring.


Most active-rated trips will feature longer touring days, many full-day excursions, and an active itinerary with a faster pace and longer distances. Some tours may have activities with higher intensity and more active choices/options. Appropriate for travelers who are physically fit, lead active lives, are comfortable participating in long activity-filled days. 


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